About Us

About The Pixel Pushers

Pushing Pixels is a (citrus)fresh new media company, located in Vienna.

The idea came to life in 2007 as a side project and was initially intended to be a platform for self-employed workers in the fields of web design, computer science, photography and film production. At the end of 2009 we decided to go one step further - Pushing Pixels was newly founded as a company.

Of course, we remain true to our roots! Project related we use our access to proven international experts for the realization of our ideas.

What sets us apart

  • We are not afraid to put exceptional projects of any size into practice.
  • Excellent and clear ideas are the cornerstone for our work.
  • Our goal is to provide creative solutions with substance.
  • We have our finger on the pulse of time. A large part of our resources goes into further education and sighting of new trends.

Our Philosophy

We try to the best of our knowledge to develop products according to the highest quality criteria for our costumers. Combined with our expertise, our enthusiasm and our expert knowledge, we approach your projects, thus ensuring your satisfaction and above all your success.

Customer-related Principles

  • We take the time to get to know you and your project. An intense co-operation to achieve the common goal is very important to us.
  • We gladly support you from the conceptual development up to the timely implementation of your project.
  • You can always rely on having a competent contact person with a high degree of expertise.
  • Our customer relationship is characterized by personal, individual support and advice.

Partners of Pushing Pixels


What You Get From Us

Webdesign Printdesign Photography

Modern web design offers you the possibility of promoting your company globally and cost-effectively. As in a free market economy so in the internet: In the long run quality pays.

A well-planned, user-friendly web concept and professional implementation can be decisive in determining whether your company remains successful or not for a long time to come.

Opt for Pushing Pixels when choosing your web design agency and you have found a professional partner who will create a distinctive, clear-cut and well-defined profile for you in the world wide web.


Rational design is only one of the prerequisites of a successful and user-friendly homepage. A clear-cut display of the contents and appropriate graphic realisation help the public to access information quickly, effectively and most importantly, without restriction.

Customized Design

When we create your company homepage we adhere to the following principle: Design may be apparent or less conspicuous, conventional or out of the ordinary, but one thing it must not be is unimaginative.

We offer the following design solutions:

  • Corporate Design
  • Small Business Design
  • Flash Design
  • Portfolio Design
  • Blog Design

If your desired design solution is not listed, get in contact with us and tell us your ideas and wishes. We'll find an optimal solution for this too!

Re-Design & Implementation

A homepage that fails to come up to present-day standards makes a bad impression. We can re-design and upgrade it to 21st century needs.

By using new technologies and administration systems we can give it a new and better look.

We offer you inter alia the following services:

  • Theme-Design for CMS Solutions
  • Screen Design to Corporate Design
  • PSD to XHTML Conversion
  • Programming & Extending
  • Re-Design & Relaunch


A high-quality and aesthetically design is useless without a proper back-end solution. We from Pushing Pixels establish, develop and extend serverside architectures for your sophisticated project.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Our content management systems offer you numerous advantages. We apply various high performance open-source management solutions tailored to your requirements.

In addition to promoting the primary aims and functions of your homepage we develop and integrate content management systems designed to display your products with maximum efficacy and minimum administration.


The process of programming needs experience in many different fields. The elaboration of algorithms, software routines and logical processes always happens in accordance with the userbility.

Our scope involve following programming languages and services amongst others:

  • JavaScript & AJAX
  • PHP & MySQL
  • Adobe Flash / ActionScript
  • Customized Web Development
  • Website/Server Maintenance & Support


Internet marketing strategies are the pillars of your online presence. The success of your business depends not only upon increasing the number of page impressions but also in improving web analysis and test results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines are an important part of online strategies, since most people start their search for information, products and services online.

How important the use of search engines is, in realising a business aim, should not be underestimated. Most page impressions are generated by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and others, who continuously upgrade their algorythms to optimize search results.

We keep an eye on these changes to ensure your homepage remains easy to find. This ensures increased page impressions and a higher sales potential for your business.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is one of the key trends in internet marketing. With our knowledge and experience we can help you achieve your aims.

By the effective use of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on, we ensure you the edge over the competition.

E-Mail Marketing

Despite the new communication trends and methods introduced almost daily, email is still the cheapest and most effective way to reach your target group.

We believe that email marketing campaigns should be neatly integrated into existing online marketing efforts. We can help you to ensure that your campaign succeeds.

Printed media provide a promotionally effective platform for your message or product. High-grade print guarantees the impact and subsequent acceptance of your advertising.

We can offer eyecatching design to suit your customers, your company and above all, your product line.


We design and layout following print media among others for you:

  • Business Cards, Stationery, Envelopes,..
  • Invitations for Wedding, Corporate Events,..
  • Poster, Advertising, Banner, Signs, Wrapper,..
  • Extraordinary Product Packaging
  • Brochures, Prospects, Magazines
  • Artwork for CDs, DVDs,..
  • Books & Booklets
  • Event Flyer

If your desired print product is not listed, get in contact with us and tell us your ideas and wishes. We'll find an optimal solution for this too!

Color Management

To guarantee optimum print results all the output devices must be adapted to the desired color profile. Professional calibration ensures uniform coloring throughout the processed media.

With us you can be sure that the color profile you provide us (or which we consider optimum) will be used for the print.

Color Proof

Should you wish to check your order for correct coloring, we can provide you a color proof. This will allow you to judge whether the choice of colors conforms to your requirements before your project is completed.

Print Service

From beginning to end we keep an eye on the printing and the professional execution of your order. For smaller print runs, e.g. flyers, folders, brochures or visiting cards, we can ensure you the optimum price/performance solution.

Good photography is characterized above all by meaningful imagery and flawless technical implementation.

Thanks to many years of cooperation with various print media companies and journalistic precision in location and background motif research we are the ideal partner for the visual realization of your message.

Photo Design

A photo can be many things - classical, stylish or even fanciful - but it must never be haphazard.

Before we are ready for go-ahead we work out a concept for you in which everything, from choice of motif to lighting, are taken into account.

We think things out - pixel by pixel!

Press Photography

Public events play an important role in determining a company's image. Apart from ensuring a good impression of an event, professional documentation is essential for making it known to the public.

Whatever it is your press conference, company anniversary or a presentation - we are there on the spot to record it.

Image Editing

To meet the advertising industry's demand for flawless results, our photographic material is subjected to digital post-processing.

State-of-the-art image processing makes the production of photos possible which, in the truest sense of the term, are too good to be true.

Retouche & Photo Manipulation

Plastic surgery is also used in photo manipulation. We correct and create motifs to your wishes.

Here at Pushing Pixels, we have been working with clients both locally and internationally. Our experience ranges from small businesses to large corporate enterprises.

We know the importance of having a professionally contact. That's why we give the best of our knowledge while working on your projects.


With you we develop concepts in line with your ideas. You deal with one and the same partner, meaning that your requirements need explaining only once.

In short: We are your professional consultants for the whole project.

That makes things easier!

Project Management

We take care of your project from sketch to implementation and where necessary, coordinate other partners work with ours. We are at your service after project realisation.

In the case of web projects, planning and project management are not only a constant challenge. They are also the basis of a lasting online presence.

Technology & Integration

With our knowledge, own products and existing platforms we assist you in developing strategies and measures designed to ensure profitable web use for your company.

We turn to account the experience and knowhow from our consulting and project management activity, in designing, developing and extending products to meet your personal requirements.

Cost Accounting

Special projects require individual time and cost calculation therefore our service package can be adapted to your wishes.

Contact us - we'll find a suitable offer!


Our Works


Animated HDR-Photo

29. Jan. 2010

With the development of modern image editing programs and digital photography itself, new opportunities opened up to us photographers: The High Dynamic Range image (short HDR) is one of them.

Through the synthesis of exposure series into a single image and adjusting the colors you can create amazing scenes and color effects.

Intrepid HDR (Please click the picture above or this link to get to the demonstration page)

In our first attempt a little more than a year ago, we had the idea to top this: A HDR photograph combined with Flash technology.

your Pixel Pushers

Let there be Light!

27. Jan. 2010

Another experiment originated from Pixel Pushers sees the light of day.

This time I focused on jQuery and jQuery UI's Draggable interaction element, resulting in a pretty neat little (interactive) effect. Take a look by yourself!

Click the Image above or this link to open the Demo in a new Tab.

When the light is turned on, the position and opacity of the logo shadow will change dynamically, depending on the position and distance of the light bulb. Don't forget to drag the logo and/or the light bulb around!

Have fun playing around with this demo!
Daniel Kurdoghlian

CSS3-Only Buttons

23. Jan. 2010

Hi CSS3 Lovers!

A few days ago, Firefox 3.6 was released and with it, a few new CSS3 attributes. Time to play around with them! I took a look at the specifications and wrote a quick HTML5 document for testing and playing around.

This is what I ended up with:

If you have updated to the latest version of Firefox, you can take a look at the live demonstration by clicking here!

Awesome CSS3-only buttons with cool gradient/striped backgrounds - without the use of any images!

There are much more possibilities with the new attributes and virtually endless when used with jQuery animations for example!
Can't wait for more examples like this to be published - What do you think?

Have a nice weekend!
Daniel Kurdoghlian

Multilingual and Colorful!

21. Jan. 2010

Maybe you saw it already - our Website has grown by a few new features!

Now we can provide our complete content in two languages: German and English (work in progress). You can make your selection with the new menu-box on the upper right corner. This new feature was very important to us, so everybody who visits our website can read (and actually understand) our content and get in contact with us, if they want to.
No more fighting around with 3rd party translation services like Babelfish or Google!

Another great feature, which is maybe not so important to you, but was to us to get implemented, was the option to change the look of the complete website design by changing its color. You can find this option just next to our new language switcher.
Just try it out now by clicking one of the colorful theme-switcher buttons!

We are sure there is one you like most - so when you've chosen one, it gets saved and reloaded on your next visit!
If you can't find your favorite color yet, just be patient - we will add new colors from time to time - some with bright backgrounds, some with darker ones.

If you have special wishes for the color design, just drop us a line through our feedback form on the bottom and tell us your desired color design!

Hope you like it and stay tuned for even more colors!

your Pixel Pushers

Happy New Year!

31. Dec. 2009

We wish you and all your family and friends a happy New Decade!
May all your resolutions and wishes come true!

your Pixel Pushers!

Merry X-Mas!

24. Dec. 2009

You know, Christmas is known as the celebration of love but especially the feast of presents - thus a good occasion for a give away. We thought about something and will give you this Christmassy desktop wallpaper for your monitor as a present.

Desktop Wallpaper
(To download it, just click on the picture above or alternative you can click on this Link)

In this sense, we wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Read you,
your Pixel Pushers

P.S: Your feedback is always welcome!

We are online!

25. Nov. 2009

We warmly welcome you to our brand new website!

With the first posting we want to get the ball rolling - the site is online, the work is still not less. Quite the contrary: In the future you can read informations about the latest news from the fields technology, programming, design and photography.

Some special features of our site are still in development. We are working on high pressure on them!

To reap the full enjoyment of the site, we recommend you to use browser, that support the latest new technologies (like: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) and to keep them up to-date.

For Inquiring Minds: Some of the new features, which are in development, are already integrated into the site and are waiting to be found. ;)
(like: different color styles, a hidden easteregg and many more..)

We would be very happy to hear your feedback!

We read us,

Daniel Kurdoghlian


Contact Us!

If you want to work with us - or simply talk with us - here you can write us a message.

If it's desired by you, we will write you back as soon as possible at the stated e-mail address.

Technical questions and feedback are also very welcome!